Retaining wall structures are valuable for many reasons including erosion control, water drainage, increasing usable yard space and adding visual interest to a landscape. We work with you and your team to effectively engineer the ideal retaining wall design to meet your specific project needs.

optimizing the structure of your property

gravity retaining walls

Gravity retaining walls are large wall systems that utilize the weight of the blocks to retain the earth. Constructing a gravity wall requires a very heavy block to work effectively.

We use a premium concrete block from RediRock. These blocks range in weight from 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. And can be stacked up to 18’ high. The RediRock product is created with a special technology that provides resistance for gravity walls that allows you to maximize usable space and reach taller heights than other wall systems.

handset retaining walls

Hand set retaining wall systems are built of smaller blocks that are stacked manually. Due to the lighter weight of each block these systems rely on interlocking devices as well as geo-grid tie backs into the earth for the strength of the wall.

The smaller block in a handset retaining wall gives you a wide range of design flexibility. We use the highest quality materials for these systems from reputable suppliers including Unilock and RediRock.

wood, Boulder & SHeet pile walls

We also build walls from treated lumber, boulders, and vinyl or steel sheet pile. Treated lumber is the most cost-effective solution as opposed to concrete, but with a shorter lifespan. Boulder walls are a form of gravity wall and are common with customers who want more of a natural look in their landscape. Sheet pile walls are an effective seawall material, and are most common in lakefront applications.

(big block)

(small block)

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3,500 square foot commercial Redi-Rock retaining wall for the Ishpeming Armory.

residential RETAINING WALL

Optimized property configuration for a custom home, driveway and septic system.

residential retaining wall

Built a retaining wall system to create an optimal build site on a sloping parcel.

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Excellent Services. Your trench work bailed us out of a major issue that no one else was willing to tackle. Thanks for squeezing us into your summer schedule. 


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I highly recommend Carl and his crew. We had them replace a 100+ft retaining wall right in between our house and the two neighbors and they did an amazing job. Easy to work with, reliable, and they made sure we were happy with the final product! 


Our Clients Are Saying

-Brent and Sarah

Carl and his team did an awesome job completing the projects for our new build home. Planning, communication, and service were all a top notch experience for us. We highly recommend them. 


Our Clients Are Saying


I've never had such a professional and experienced company at my property. I had a very difficult patio build where the old one had too be saved and the new one dressing up an old structure. This was almost impossible until I met up with Highland Services.


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We hired Carl and the crew to dig a basement for us. It was a tricky job - narrow lot with excavating up an existing crawl space and footings. The work was done perfectly. Very responsive and took care of business.


Our Clients Are Saying

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